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We love teaching! Come and learn how to Kitesurfing in Tarifa! Chicken Loop Kite Club is equipped with the newest and most innovative material in the market. The presence of the best IKO and FAV instructors is a guarantee of success!

3 Days 9-hour-course

Ideal to become a rider! This is a course designed for beginners who really want to step into Kitesurfing. Accidents insurance + Equipment + IKO certificate included.

2 Days 6-hour-course

Ideal course when time is an issue! This is a course designed for beginners who are interested in taking first steps in Kitesurfing. Accidents insurance + Equipment + IKO certificate included.

1 Day 3-hour-course

Ideal course to initiate yourself! This is a course designed for beginners who are interested in testing or upgrading their capabilities. Accidents insurance + Equipment + IKO certificate included.

Private Lessons

The best way to make it happen. Learn what you need. Be the one and only. Individual training at customers wish. Accidents insurance + Equipment + IKO certificate included.

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Kite Coaching Private Lessons

This is basically the reason why we exist. Let us do what we master. You just need follow the steps: prepare mentally, learn how, watch it and try it again.


Video analyse and back in water!
Success is round the corner.
You choice.


Looking for the challenges that nature has within our reach is certainly an activity that can only be carried out with one ingredient: passion. At Chicken Loop Kite Club we are passionate in capital letters. Our favorite spots are Tarifa (Spain), Dahkla (Morocco), Sal (Cape Verde), Cumbuco (Brazil) and Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka).


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Our Kitesurfing Camps are specially designed for groups with similar concerns. But all of them share the same bases: the desire to improve, to have fun, to learn, improve performance and prevent injuries. Suitable for all ages.


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About Us

Anyone who practices or has practiced a sport knows that his greatest opponent is always within himself. The fears that surround the human being are always present. For this reason, in Chicken Loop Kitesurf Club we are convinced that in learning Kitesurf, mental and emotional training are two essential components.


A group of experts in coaching and sport teaching will guide you through easiest path to achieve all knowledge levels of kitesurfing.
After more than 10 years all over the planet Earth exploring the sea both on the surface and below it, we have created a unique methodology for the student to sit from the first day in connection with the environment. Only in this way are we able to understand and feel Kitesurfing.


We have defined the target: transmit the know-how of kitesurfing in a completely innovative and safe way. Now is your turn. Come and join us!


With the help of our IKO (International Kitesurfing Organization) and FAV (Andalusian Sailing Federation) instructors, you will achieve the expected performance at any of its levels. Our Couchers will help you overcome your own limits.

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Playa de los Lances Norte Nº1, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain.

+34 696 66 75 15


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